"I´m always looking for colour, textur and spatiality to invastigate and convey information, emotion and enviroment."

Welcome to the website of Isabella S. Minichmair | *austrian based painter, photographer and glass designer

I hope you enjoy the original artwork displayed below. Please visit also my farbebekennen.blog for more informations about my newest series and exhibitions, my travels through the usa and future travel plans. Learn more about my glassworks and the exhibition ELEMENTAL REALMS at Agora Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, or upcoming exhibitions like 50 JAHRE at OÖ Fotogalerie im Landeskulturzentrum Linz and ZWISCHEN TRAUM UND WIRKLICHKEIT, Club-Galerie der Dr. Ernst Koref-Stiftung, Landeskulturzentrum Landstraße 31/1. Stock, 4020 Linz (IM OÖKulturquartier).

I´m very happy that i was invited at the international enamel art symposium in Kecskemét|Hungary and about the artist residency "Schlossmalerin" at Castle Weinberg in Austria. The resulting works can be seen at Castle Weinberg until November 2018 --> www.schloss-weinberg.at

Warm Regards! Isabella S. Minichmair


The trees and houses in my paintings epitomize people and their relationships. Sometimes, the houses are constricted in one area as a close unit and other times they lie softly embedded in the landscape. The trees dance, bow, intertwine or stand close together. My starting point for any painting is the “magic clearance” between the clarity of a limited image space and the transparency and dynamic of color. I believe the observer and the artist meet in this space on a very personal level. This is where the observer realises that it isn’t about what they know, but what they are willing to recognize. The light on the branches symbolizes the emotional dialogue between the protagonists.


"Minichmair’s interest in light came from long walks with her father, whose camera became, unfailingly, the third member of their party. Handing it over, Minichmair’s father would instruct her to gaze through the viewfinder. He would say, “Pay particular attention to the light.” She always has. Travels with her mother brought her closer to the Austrian art treasures. Old churches and castles, frescos, paintings and tapestries influenced Minichmair's view of light sustainably. Today, she also designs glass windows to bring new light into old churches."

"Minichmair wants her work to express both the obstacles and joy of life, which she describes as a gift. We need courage, she says, to make it come alive.”

Angela Di Bello, Gallery Director Agora-Gallery, NYC